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Welcome to my area of the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.
Please visit
Bill's Sorry Excuse for a Web Page.

My purpose was to put together a few pages that included stuff I like. I have included links to places like Aerosmith pages, the Budweiser and BUD ICE home pages, the Jose Cuervo home page, Windows 95 stuff, some HTML learning tools, Football trading card sites, and of course...
The best Rock-n-Roll band in Maryland...

You gotta see The Unofficial UNDER OATH Web Page
(CAUTION: This is a graphics heavy site, but well worth the time..) A non-graphics text based page is
here if you are in a hurry and just want the scoop on the band.


Hey MA, I'm on 98 Rock. (The Webmaster was there and here are the pics.)

I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. I will update my pages as I learn more stuff and when I find more cool sites to add to it. All comments and suggestions are welcomed. Or just Let me know how my pages looked. (I'd appreciate it) Email me at

And as George Carlin would say, "May the forces of evil get confused on the way to your house."