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Welcome to The House Of Rock

Welcome to our webpage ! ! !

If you are you looking for anything that has to do with music, musical instruments, recording, instruction, and lessons, you've come to the right place. We stock or can get everything a band or player needs when it comes to music. We are official dealers of  Jackson Guitars and Ludwig Drums. To find out more about the equipment we carry, go to our specialized pages where we have links to different company's webpages and sample pictures of what we carry. After your done looking at the different web pages, go to our FEEDBACK page to email us for more information, or go to our FIND US page to get  our phone number, address, or directions to the store.  Thanks for visiting us.!!


The House of Rock is doubling in size.
The store next door has been bought out and will soon become
Maryland's Most Advanced Recording Studio.
Along with the studio, there is a larger instructional area and the drum section will be expanded.

Last update on 08 January, 2008

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