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    Christian Gospels Alive

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Christian Gospels Alive
will be a series of 4 books based on the Gospels, (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Each book will be a modern translation of each Gospel encouraging the reader to reflect on their personal experiences encountered through reading scripture and leading a Christian life.

The First Release:

  • JOHN ALIVE! (published by Xulon Press)

JOHN ALIVE! is written as a dramatic narrative of the Gospel of John. It interweaves the emotions, humanity and faith of both the historical and fictional biblical characters through their encounters with Jesus Christ. Readers will be able to feel as if they are participating in the biblical scenes being presented. It is written in modern vernacular for those individuals who find the Bible challenging to read and understand. This book allows the reader to reflect on their personal lives by answering introspective questions intermingled within each chapter. Each chapter concludes with the authorís personal reflection on situations that individuals share in their walk with Christ.