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Deer Hunting Excursions

Tired of the same old hunting ground
and coming back empty handed?



17 private acres
South Dorchester
County, MD

On the Chesapeake Bays'
 Honga River, near the
Black Water
 Wildlife Refuge.
Seasonal fishing
also available.


Day Hunts
$60.00 per day

Lodging Negotiable.


The SwampMan
(expert guide)


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Then come on out to:

Southern Dorchester County in MD.

  • Bow Hunting

  • Black Powder

  • Firearm


  • Whitetail

  • Sika

  • Fallow

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Sika Deer originate from Asia and there are many sub-species. On our land Sika Deer are predominately a cross of Formosan, Manchurian, and Debowski strains. These deer are short in stature, usually weighing in at about 80 lbs. The Sika Deer's aggressive attitude makes them a fearsome trophy.


 Fallow Deer originate from Southeastern Europe's Mediterranean region. A medium sized, "rangy" deer; adult males with large palmate antlers. The average weight of a Fallow Deer is between 150 and 200 pounds.  Fallow Deer have three color phases: white, chocolate, and spotted. They win the trophy prize for the largest antlers in the world per body weight.

White Tail

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