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Glenn Electrified

Glenn C. Riley

G.I.T. Grad

Guitar Instruction
Rock, Blues and Fusion
voice mail # (410) 501-9625

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Welcome to my web site.

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For the 2nd year, I am teaching in the National Guitar  Workshop's DayJams Camp. This year it will be held at
The Maryville Preparatory School
 11300 Falls Road
Brooklandville, MD

 There will be 3 Camps starting on June 19th and running through July 7th.

Click on the DayJams logo to get all the information. 

From July 15th to the 21st, I will be in Nashville to participate in the National Guitar Workshop where I will be jamming with other musicians from around the country.
Click on their logo for more info.

To see what I'm up to and in to go to my BIO page. Click here to see me in the studio.

In the future I plan on this Web Site including: